The purpose of this web site is to allow those who want to "know" God

  • A place to read the word, I will have the "Daily Bread verses for the day that a person may read through the Bible in one year!
  • Topical Bible Studies will be available, allowing questions via email.
  • The preached word on audio tape.
  • Prayer for your needs, whether those needs are physical or spiritual.
  • Guest Articles on various topics.
  • Information from Home and Foreign Missionaries on the work that is being done through the world.
  • Local events and programs designed for outreach.
  • More.....


That I may know himů.

The Apostle Paul wrote most of the New Testament and he was the writer of the book of Philippians. Paul expressed his most heart felt desire when he wrote opening short phrase found the chapter 3 verse 10. Paul declares his desire to know God, not just on a superficial level but to know God in personal way.  Paul desired to have an understanding and deep appreciation of who God is.


A friend of mine told me recently, "God wants me to know Him."  I began to think about the words, "know Him". What does that mean? What is involved in "knowing" God? What are the benefits? What are the consequences of not "knowing" God?

Knowing God is knowing his word, because the scriptures declare all of God. They declare His attributes, His will for us, and His promises.